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Friday, August 14, 2009

I Talk Myself Out Of It

I have a bad habit. Okay, I have many bad habits. The one in particular weighing on my mind is my tendency to talk myself out of things.

Many's the time I've had a plan in mind, or a shadow of a plan, and over time have managed to convince myself that it was not a good idea in the first place.

The instance in question today is the fact that I had thought about getting my hair professionally cut (for the first time in almost 3 years) and colored (for the first time ever, thank you, Nice n' Easy) as sort of a gift to myself for my 30th birthday, which is in 6 days in case you were wondering. And I thought about doing it tonight since I have things to do this weekend and, well, my hair's in pretty sad condition. Sad, gray condition.

Of course I won't go through with it. I've already decided it was a bad idea and that I'll be better off self-trimming and coloring as I have been for ages.

And I wonder why that is. It's not a bad thing to be frugal or at least to not be overly frivolous, certainly. But unless I am completely seat-of-my-pants about a decision, I always start thinking too much. And eventually that leads to standing in front of the bathroom mirror with a pair of scissors in my hands. And no, I'm not saying that haircuts are frivolous. But already I'm thinking "Well, I should really just do chores tonight since I'll be out all day tomorrow, instead of spending the evening at the salon". So that's probably what I'll do.

Good times!



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