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Monday, March 23, 2009


(We're staying here!!!)

I’m obsessed with this Disney trip that’s coming up. It’s like Honeymoon, Part Deux. It’s the opportunity to see/do everything we didn’t get to see/do or didn’t get to see/do enough times.

For instance, Toy Story Mania.

(He talks, btw.)

Oh, Toy Story Mania. The only attraction that made us wait in line for more than 5 minutes the whole week. I spent the entire hour fretting over the thought of missing our dinner reservation, all the while telling myself that this had better be damn good for all the waiting we were doing (and, if we’re being honest here, hating the family in front of us because they were possibly the most annoying people we encountered all week). But oh, how it stepped up to the plate. Oh, how I wanted to jump right back in line and say to hell with dinner after we disembarked. Oh, how I am now fully prepared to trample small children in the pursuit of a Fast Pass. Yeah. THAT’S how cool it was. Oh, and I totally killed my opponent, aka Rob. So that made it even more fun. Time for a rematch!

Another example is Tower of Terror. What a great ride that was, from beginning to end. The detail on everything was incredible, but then again that seems to be the norm when you think about it, Disney’s usually pretty big on the details. I took a zillion pictures of that one. And the ride itself was awesome!!!! I admit, I was kinda scared, mainly because the entire day we spent at the Studios, you could see the doors opening at the top and hear people screaming. So yeah, I was hesitant. But when we sat down, I looked at the little girl sitting next to me and asked her if she’d been on it before, and she said it was her third time. So I figured if an 8 year old can ride this 3 times…(I did confide in her that I was scared and she told me I’d be okay, so that made me feel better as well). I fully intend on making a bee-line for this one, right after I trample a child or two.

(I'll be back soon!!! Save a scare for me!)

Meanwhile, the biggest surprise of our entire honeymoon was, for me, how enchanted I was by…It’s A Small World.

I know, I know, it’s such a joke anymore. The song gets stuck in your head like gum on your sneaker. And in the face of all the cool crap that Disney can do now (for example, Toy Story Mania), it seems archaic in comparison. I was perfectly willing to skip out on it in the name of saving time for other, more “cool” things. But it was hot outside, my feet were tired and the line was short so I agreed to give it a shot.

Whoa. Was I wrong about this one. There is SO MUCH to look at, you need to ride more than once just to take it all in. It’s amazing. If you didn’t have “Oooh, shiny stuff” syndrome before you got on this ride, you will most definitely have it by the time you get out of your little boat thingy and get back in line to ride again. It is just that fascinating. And I know damn well that the entire attraction is composed of cardboard, paint, glitter, blinking lights and various dolls and puppets. But as I said before, I was enchanted. So needless to say I can’t wait to jump back into a seat and spend a few minutes just grinning goofily at everything around me. Twice.


And isn’t that the point of the Disney experience? I admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of going there for my honeymoon, but I am so glad we did. Every once in a while grown-ups need to be able to sit back and be kids. All of the outside stuff can fall away – homes, jobs, bills, etc – and you can just be your real self for a little while. You can allow yourself to be charmed by glittery poster board, you can make an 8 year old smile by telling her she’s really brave, you can eat the kind of food you’d never have at home (I plan on ordering an entire lobster just because I can and have never had one before), and best of all, you can run around with your best friend and be a goofball for the duration of your stay. Well, that’s true for me at least. I’m pretty lucky, what can I say?


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