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Weight Loss Journal, Day 5 - Weigh-In Wednesday

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The Misadventures of Mrs. B: Weight Loss Journal, Day 5 - Weigh-In Wednesday

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weight Loss Journal, Day 5 - Weigh-In Wednesday

Well, the time has come. You asked for it.

Okay. I know you didn't actually ask for it. You're far too tactful and for that, I thank you.

But here it is anyway. The magic number. The number many people use to evaluate themselves. My weight.

Current weight as of this morning: 258 lbs.

Whew, that wasn't so difficult!

So yeah, there I am, over the 250 lb mark. I've lost and gained so many times, and told myself so many times that I would never see 250 again. But I'm baaaaack. And as always, 250+ welcomes with me open arms. Big, flabby open arms.

My goal? Not so sure. For my height the most I should be is 160. But I have a large frame and have always been "solid", so I could very well look like a skeleton by then. So we'll have to see.

But the most important part will be health. A lot of skinny people are far less healthy than so-called "plus-size" models who may be a bit thicker about the middle but who eat healthy foods and work out regularly. Health is key. That's my mantra.

Well, not tonight anyway. What I did do in honor of my big weight announcement? I went to the Chinese buffet. Yep, I sure did. Why? I was starving and craving Chinese. I wouldn't have been so hungry if I hadn't been too busy to have lunch today. So there you go. I was starving so I ate the easiest and fastest and most abundant thing available. Did I go crazy? No. I don't feel the slightest bit over-full or uncomfortable, which is a huge difference from buffet visits in the past. Still, not the best idea and I know it. Maybe I should have snacks in my bag (lord knows it's big enough) that I can eat on the train in times like this and not blow it all at night. So there's a lesson here.

I know I'm not the first person to blow a day's good work come dinner time. So I'm letting it go and moving forward. Good things I did today: I drank a ton of water and a cup of green tea - had I not been so busy I would have had more tea, it did aid in my weight loss the last time I made it a point to incorporate it on a daily basis. For a snack I had a hard-boiled egg and carrots, and a piece of string cheese in the afternoon. So I did make a couple of healthy choices anyway.

I'm tired of the 250's. Next stop: 240's!


Blogger Jenny said...

Good for you! Go get it!

January 7, 2010 at 10:40 AM


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