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Weight Loss Journal, Day 2

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The Misadventures of Mrs. B: Weight Loss Journal, Day 2

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weight Loss Journal, Day 2

I don't think I've had a good night's sleep in months, to be honest.

Why? I know there are several reasons.  First, my weight.  It keeps me from being comfortable at night.  Second, my weight.  It keeps me from breathing well at night. weight.  Well, you get the idea.

I was sleeping much better when I was eating well and exercising.  So it's time to get that ball rolling again.

I admit that I didn't do a darn thing yesterday to advance myself.  I put myself further in the hole, actually.  But today is the day I start to slooooowly turn the ship around and sail towards calmer, healthier seas.

I still can't decide if I want to work out at the gym at work over my lunch break, or if I would rather work out at home.  I mean, I do have dvd's that I could easily use here (there are these Core Rhythms dvd's that seriously kick my butt and make me want to collapse) but that would mean...grrr...waking up earlier than I normally do.

Well, I guess it's for a good cause, right? 30 minutes of dancing to those dvd's really gets me sweating.  So I get up at 5 instead of 5:30 - no great loss.  Then I also have exercise bands which I can use a couple of nights a week in order to work on strength training.

But the most important thing right now is my eating.  We're going to the supermarket soon and I need to make the right choices.


I made some pretty good choices at the market, just reverting back to the choices I was making back in the day when being healthy was still a priority.  Granted, it's never been a priority for a lengthy period of time, but I do know the moves I should be making.  So I got veggies and white beans for hummus, which I made already.  I got Greek yogurt and honey, eggs to be hard boiled for a snack if I should want one, and sardines for making sardine sandwiches.  Yeah, I know it sounds gross, but sardines are super healthy so I'm willing to take the plunge.  I'm willing to take the plunge with a lot of different things right now, and it's a great feeling.


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