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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Our" Space

It's funny, I was going to post here yesterday about my concerns regarding decorating our new space. As I said previously, we'll have two bedrooms and use of the den (I don't think we'll actually decorate the den, just try to make it a bit more visitor-friendly as it's currently very cluttered...okay, I can't lie, I'm dreaming about slipcovers for the couches). What stopped me from posting about my concerns, though, was the nagging thought that I was being petty and trivial in my thought process. Sometimes I'm hard on myself like that. So I deleted what I wrote.

Then, last night before going to sleep, Rob and I talked about some of the things that have him lying awake at night. I asked him for some specific examples so we could maybe talk through it. He said, "I spent an hour last night worrying about things like decorating". Immediately my Spidey Sense started tingling, but I figured he could have meant decorating for the holidays. So I prompted him to elaborate. And he said, "You know, like decorating our space. What will be okay? How far can we go?".

And I started laughing out of surprise and relief. First I asked him if he'd what I wrote read my blog, and he said no. Then I remembered that I never posted the things I wrote earlier in the evening. So I told him that I felt the exact same way, and we talked about our ideas and what we think would be 'over the line'. I feel that it would be okay to paint the bedrooms - I mean, I don't think that's asking too much. Right now they're only being used for storage space anyway. I definitely want to paint the closet in our "rec" room - it's kinda messy looking right now. I think we'll make it work. I want us to be able to feel like we're in our own place - I think it will make things easier, even a small bit. And every little bit helps!

Still, though, any ideas on decorating a small space as unobtrusively as possible would be greatly appreciated! :-)

Just another excuse to visit Google and lots of other blogs...let's see what I find...

Yeah, this came up when I Googled "Decorating Small Bedroom".  I wish this was what I meant by  "small"!

That's just a bit much...

That's a strong statement, right there...



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