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The Misadventures of Mrs. B: Market Day!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Market Day!

Today was a good day.  Things went well at the rehab - better than I had expected.  Rob's dad is going to be transferred to a skilled rehab (which we were afraid would not be covered by his insurance) for up to 90 days.  Then there's the in-home rehab a few days a week for an hour or so, and a community rehab program which features a therapist coming to the house to make sure that the place is set up well and that we have a rigid schedule in place, since structure is best for recovery in cases like this.  We pray that he will continue to recover between now and then, even if it is in slow baby steps.  Til then, for our part, we'll have to plan and get ready.  But we have time, and a great feeling of relief comes with that knowledge.

Even though it was about 30 degrees at the most with almost constant winds, we decided to keep our plans to visit the Italian Market.  After, oh, a good 20 minutes of trying to find a parking space we gave up and decided to go home - and then as if by magic, a space opened up.  Never fails!

So off we went.  Rob had never been to the Market and now understands why I love it so much.

First we went to Cappuccio's, just to see what kinds of prices they had.  Immediately we were greeted with "How are yas?".  I love South Philly.  However, I had a feeling we'd do better at Esposito's.

So we headed over to Esposito's and I tried really hard not to lose my mind and buy one of everything.  All the yummy looking meat at such amazing prices.  Rob said that we should go once a month and stock up the freezer.  I would not be opposed to this plan.

That's my hand in the picture, and some of the meat I was ordering.  Oh, the yummy sausage on the scale...

Next we went to the Spice Market.  I didn't get any pictures in there because I was so busy freaking out over all the spices they had.  I forgot how amazingly reasonable everything is! I bought a 1 oz. packet of basil and a pound of sea salt for $2.75 total.  Bliss, total bliss.  Again, Rob was amazed.  And rightly so, since spices are usually kind of expensive.

We then visited Talluto's.  Shame it's such a terribly cramped place because I could spend hours there.

Yes, I think I'll have one of...everything...

Seriously...rows and rows of olive's almost too much to bear...

And then I plunged face-first into the olive was embarrassing

Rob picked up frozen gnocchi, sauce, and mozzarella/prosciutto roll.  I grabbed a hunk of parmagiano reggiano because I just couldn't resist the price.  I wanted to buy tons of olives but I can't always indulge my whims.  At least that's what I tell myself.

At home we dug into the ricotta gnocchi, homemade sauce and the mozz/prosciutto roll.  Rob didn't like the roll - I think it was marinated and he just didn't go for it.  I liked it, though, so more for me! And the gnocchi and sauce were to die for! Plus I fried up a small piece of Italian sausage from Esposito's which was fan-tas-tic.  Just wonderful! It'll go great in my gravy.

So I got the meats for the gravy and am ready to roll as soon as I pick up everything else tomorrow.

I'm so glad we decided to go today.  It was a fun new experience for Rob and now he knows why I love it there so much.  I wish it hadn't been so cold or else we could have explored more.  We didn't go to Villa di Roma either - neither of us was very hungry.  Next time, right? :-)

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