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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making a Bad Day Better

Today has been a blah day.  I've been emotional for no good reason.  Everything's making me angry and when I'm angry and can't yell it out, I get frustrated.

For me, Anger + Frustration = Tears

So I did some of that this morning.

But then!

I checked out Jenny's blog.  And Jenny put into words something I haven't been able to express in the past week: As much as the earthquake in Haiti is a terrible, terrible tragedy, there is still help needed across our country, and we can't forget that.  People in America need help too.  Of course I'm paraphrasing but that's the gist that I got from it.

She read my mind.  I have been thinking about that all week now.  So many people need help HERE.  It's great that Americans rally together to help those in other places who cannot help themselves, but what about our fellow Americans? What to do?

Through Jenny's blog I've found, and something to do with the huge box o'yarn that is sitting in my storage closet at the moment.  I'm so excited and feel a renewed energy which has totally turned this day around.  Instead of wishing I could help, I know that in my small way, I can.

I can't wait to crochet my little fingers off!

Thanks again, Jenny!



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